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Exam Success!

One of our national nursery clients has recently embarked on a programme to train all staff responsible for catering to the Level 3 Award in Food Safety.

This meets their legal requirement for all staff to be trained in food safety to a level "commensurate with their work activity". Naturally we were pleased to assist with delivering this training.

The course requires a greater depth of knowledge than the single day Level 2 course and focuses in on the role of a supervisor in managing food safety. In a nursery based setting, which includes babies as well as infants, the importance of the role cannot be over emphasised.

After completing their course of study the first delegates to complete this training sat their exam and we're pleased to announce they were successful! Our 100% pass rate with the Level 3 in Food Safety course has been maintained!

If you would like to discuss completing the Level 3 course with us then don't hesitate to contact us on 01780 411015 or email

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