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Early Years Accident and Incident Form


Accident forms are something that we talk about on a number of the courses we deliver. This includes most of our health & safety and first aid courses.

Within the Early Years sector we have seen many variations of accident/incident forms and are often asked if we can recommend one by people on our courses.

The form included in this section represents, we believe, an ideal for use within any childcare environment.

You are welcome to print it out and use it as it is … we have included a PDF version to enable you to do this.

In some cases accidents and incidents have to be reported to the Health and Safety Executive (HSE), using Form 2508, and to Ofsted and the LEA.


After downloading and printing or amending the form to suit, the two sides should be copied ‘back-to-back’ and multiple copies stored in a folder or file for use after an accident or incident.

The form itself is in three parts, completion guidance is included on the form. What to do with each of the three parts, after you have completed it is detailed below ...

Part A
This should be completed and retained in sequence by number. Each time a form is completed it is given the next number in sequence. This part is a bit like the stub in your cheque book.

Part B
This section includes all of the information about the accident or incident. It should be placed securely in a folder pending analysis of accident /incident trends on a monthly or termly basis. This analysis forms part of your risk assessment and assists in reducing accidents and incidents. After it has been analysed it should be placed in the folder of the person affected.

Part C
This summarises the information included on Part B and should be given to the parent or carer of the affected child after they have been made verbally aware of the accident or incident. If the two pages of the form are photocopied or printed ‘back-to-back’ then it includes advice on head injuries on the reverse.

pdf file Download Early years incident/accident form
You'll need the free Adobe Reader to open this file, or the free Foxit Reader.